Dream Team NRL games

If you’re an NRL or League fan, you’re in luck - we're offering two games completely dedicated to the NRL 2014 tournament.

NRL Tipping

New Zealand’s most popular Tipping game, NRL Tipping is back and is set to be better than ever.

To get in on the action, you simply sign up and choose what teams are going to win and by what point differential each week. There are plenty of prizes up for grabs too. 

Read more information on how to play NRL Tipping and get into the game.

Fantasy NRL

Fantasy NRL is back for 2014 - the game that gives you the opportunity to really put your NRL nous to the test and score yourself some prizes in the process. You choose your dream team from a pool of all real-life players in the 2014 NRL squads.

You can only choose six players from any one squad though (eg. six from the Warriors, six from the Roosters etc) and you can trade some of your players each week. You score points based on those players’ real life performance – metres gained, tries scored and so on.

You will receive a total budget of $6 million to choose a team of 17 players and each player has a price range (value) of between $100k and over $500k, with the highest value indicating the best players. The rating is based on their past ability in Fantasy sport.

You can either manually pick a team using your NRL know-how, or use the lucky dip option, where the computer picks a team for you. Get into the game now.

Read more on how to play Dream Team Fantasy NRL.









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